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Drone Videos

NKosi IGT provides drone photography and videography anywhere around South Africa, specifically in ..

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Aerial Photos

Nkosi IGT uses Aerial Photography to capture magazine-quality photos of places, people, or events. Our photographers will capture images  ..

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Residential Real Estate

Showcase your home from the sky at a fraction of the cost and time. Get stunning aerial photos and videos of your listings from a ..

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Professional Drone Services

Track, map, survey, inspect, and manage your worksite projects with Nkosi IGT. Construction drone services and aerial data ..

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About Us
Nkosi IGT 100% black ownership. The company was registered in 2016 December by Mr. Israel Tshuma.

The business units operate across South Africa and offering camera inspections, general supplies, plumbing and drone videography services. The Company was formed with a vision of establishing a disciplined, reliable and profitable body corporate that would contribute technically to the development of the economy.

Having established our brand in the greater Gauteng over the past years, Nkosi IGT has grown and became an industry leader in the plumbing society due to the level of our commitment. We are professionally known for CCTV inspection, plumbing and drain cleaning. We have a deep understanding of camera inspection procedures that we utilize in maintaining overhaul outages and pre-outage surveys to check the condition of IPs, HPs and LPs pipes and drains. With the use of CCTV camera inspection, it allows us to solve problems quick and efficiently before they surface. By so doing, we eliminate the need for major repairs, unnecessary disruptions and in turn saving time and money. This process can be employed in pipelines, sewage tanks, ventilation shafts, waste water pipes, pest control investigations, industrial plants, and municipal works.

Furthermore, we focus on maintaining turbines and generators which are vital pieces of any machinery. We guarantee proper maintenance and repairs to ensure maximum service life and safety. Our procedures are non-destructive as we make use of bore-scope which is an effective and efficient way to inspect without having to dismantle the turbine. We perform proper checks in ensuring the functionality and safety of the turbine engines to avoid facing challenges while they are in operation.

We house well trained and qualified team that adhere to our strict company codes of practice regarding appearance, health and safety while serving our customers.
With More years of Experience
Our Vision

Respect – We make our clients our highest priority and believe in mutual recognition of the inherent worth of all stakeholders. 

Integrity - We value being honest, trustworthy, truthful, consistent, openness and frankness in our conduct. 

Accountability – We are prepared to make commitments and to deliver on those commitments and to be responsible for our actions. 

Reliability – dependability is our trademark

Our Mission

To provide efficient and effective engineering and hydraulics solution to our customers through use of the latest engineering technologies and maximum utilisation of the vast professional and engineering experience of our staff with a view to creating brand loyalty through customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Building the most admired camera inspections, plumbing and drone videography services provider in South Africa and the SADC region.

Professional Drone Services For Architecture, Engineering And Construction

Track, map, survey, inspect, and manage your worksite projects with DroneBase. Construction drone services and aerial data is the innovative solution to deliver sophisticated analytics or provide a visual progress report to stakeholders....

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